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“Ix-nay off my dicksnay, that’s pig latin itch-bay” – Kanye West

IN case you haven’t been keeping up with the Kanyes or the Kardashians, you may have missed the recent media kerfuffle over Kanye’s latest track “Perfect B%tch,” or B-I-C-T-H for all those Mama Dee impaired.  The unreleased track, unveiled recently at a rooftop listening party in NYC, details the artist’s past relationship with Amber Rose and adoration for current girlfriend Kim K., the uncontested “Michael” of the Kardashian clan.


West, not known for his modesty, arrived at the party around 1:30am with actor Leonardo DiCaprio as his plus “1” (which is more random than Tony Parker ringside at the Chris Brown v. Drake bout, but this is Kanye, right?), and was said to have immediately taken to the dj booth to treat the crowd that included singer Maxwell to a few tracks from his upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation titled Cruel Summer.  In no time, he shut the party down and was done by 3am.  The crowd (and Leo) loved it, of course; and Maxwell, true to his craft, I suspect, went home to sing to himself in a cramped bathtub filled with bubbles or something. (I’m sorry, but I always thought that video was weird.  I’ll try to let it go.)

Surprisingly, despite the chorus of applause that night, the song that NO ONE has heard has gotten more than an earful of media scrutiny for its use of the B-word, and has even earned West the title of misogynist from some circles.  All the while, Kim, the object of his lyrical affections, has been said to have told friends that she is “honored” by the reference; adding, “I know he doesn’t mean it in a negative way when he says the word ‘bitch.’”

Now before you start “SMH”-ing, mumbling under your breath that you bet “he wouldn’t have called his mama that name” and go digging for your pitchfork chanting “off with his head” and other such scary mob townspeople jingles, I beg you to please consider a few things:

1)     Though the use of the word was unnecessary, and understandably will never be featured in a Hallmark Valentine’s Day card, has the b-word not entered that disconcerting but oddly hip, double-meaning limbo world where the n-word currently resides? 

2)    And, if you are upset, are you upset just that the word was used, or that it was used by a male?

In the Root article Is Misogyny the New ‘I Love You’?, the author highlights several instances of so-called misogyny (which for some reason includes ABC’s The Bachelor) in the media and how she feels women are under attack.  Also, through subtle wording, she seems to almost wrap her arms around Kardashian to protect her from any pain and embarrassment experienced at the hands of her hip hop perpetrator.  Only thing, she wasn’t bothered by the incident and she is not alone.

Remember when rappers like Snoop Dogg Lion and Jay-Z used to be singled out as sexists for lyrics like “B*tches ain’t sh*t but…” and “Is that Yo B*tch?,” and women used to shrug it off in the club claiming, “He ain’t talking about me!” as they danced the night away?  Well, in 2012, after the music world has endured the likes of the self-proclaimed Queen B#tch, Baddest B%tch, and Barbie B*tch who have all worn the word as some sort of golden, feminine “S” across their chest, has the precedent not been set for Kanye’s Perfect B*tch?  And with females proudly wearing custom T-shirts in droves with catchy phrases like, “I am not a B%tch, I am the B#tch!” and “B!tches get things done,” can we at least admit the word has evolved on some levels?  Or are they all misogynists? 

Or could it be that the real uproar over the song was that the word was used by a guy?  Maybe for ladies it feels strikingly similar to the way my ears may react to a white person using the N-word?  Then again, you may recall when actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently tweeted the N-word while attending Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch the Throne concert, but shortly after was given a pass due to the context. 

So is there EVER a contextual pass for a man to use the B-word toward a woman?  Or do the linguistic loopholes that exist for the N-word not exist for the B-word?  And does its use automatically make one a misogynist?

These questions will undoubtedly keep the conversation flowing, but I do know that no matter how we feel about it, our words do have power and no actress or possible remix with Jigga is going to change that.  But for the fellas, if in the near future you find yourself tempted to use the B-word.  DON’T!  Well, on second thought, for some reason maybe you can if you have an album coming out.  There’s your loophole.   

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