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No one dates in a vacuum. 

And whether we want to accept it or not, many of the ways we respond to each other and attitudes we display in our dating/personal lives are driven by the goings-on of the many swirling around us each day.

For instance, fellas, have you ever been at the movies with a date only 44% pre-screened, when the leading male character pulls some out of this world, Action Jackson-type move to demonstrate his undying, Trey Songz yodeling-intense love like jumping on top of a moving car or disarming a robber with a mere broom handle?  And in response, had your date let out a noise from the base of her throat like Shari Headley’s character Lisa McDowell that seemed to suggest her saying–


That’s a real mannn, right chea!  He goes for what wants,


and then turns to you and says in the sweetest voice, “Would you do that for me?”  You almost get a kernel lodged in your throat from the question but realize she’s actually kinda serious.  So you look her deep within her eyes and smile for assurance, thinking all the while, “Yea, if you get me a stunt double.  Wth!”  (Google movies: Coming to America & Hitch, available on DVD and Blue ray)

Moreover, have you ever sat a little too close to the stage at a comedy show, when the comedian suddenly felt the need to get his “Steve Harvey” on with gems like “Is this your woman?” and “Do you love her?” and who can forget, “Ladies, you know how you can reeeeaaaally tell if a guy is into you…?”  Like an animal sensing danger, you take cover opting to bury your head in a mound of caribbean jerk wings and sauce, knowing all the while the night just took a major detour

And without fail, on the way home, your date asks “So was that true what he said about men?”  Earlier, when you bought the tickets, you thought you would get some points by taking her to see Charlie Murphy.  It was something different, plus, you wanted to hear more of Charlie’s hilarious “True Hollywood Stories.”  But by night’s end, what you got was a front row seat to a live taping of the Oprah show redux.  And in response to the “question of no return,” you slowly tilt your head to look out your window of discontent, thinking “I should have NEVER gave you n!%#as money!

As for the ladies, have you ever been at work when one of your co-workers had a large bouquet of flowers delivered (and subsequently posted it on Facebook, of course), and despite trying to be happy for her, you couldn’t fully because your mind couldn’t recall the last time the guy you’ve dated for over a year even left you a card, let alone a post-it?  

See oftentimes, we fall victim to the interactions and subtle innuendos at play around us.  See a man and woman feeding each other while at your local restaurant?  It doesn’t mean your relationship sucks because you don’t do it.  See a couple on Facebook that somehow seems to find the motivation to turn every weekend into a couple’s photo album with added Instagram special effects?  Again, if your man or woman thinks stuff like this is both gaudy and ridiculous then it’s ok, too.

Unfortunately, for some of us, when we see things like this, little mental alarms can go off sending messages that retweet over and over in our heads questioning who we’re dating, how things should operate, and why we have remained with them. 

So much so, that we can overlook what our own journey has built.  We forget that just as we’re trying to either size up and compare our relationship to everyone else’s, others are honing in on our lives wishing they had what we had just the same.

So whether it’s the brother that maybe unsure about taking a bullet or jumping on a car for you or one that happens to stutter when confessing his love for you at the comedy club in front of a crowd of strangers, please remember that it’s ok.  Though the world around us may corner us from time to time creating those awkward moments, it doesn’t mean that what we have isn’t worth having.

As for me, I don’t mind having flowers and edible arrangements delivered to you to show that I care. But unless he’s the McDonald’s hamburglar you can forget the idea of me confronting an armed man with a stick.  Hey, would you want a number 10 fish sandwich to be your last meal.  I didn’t think so either.

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