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Ever wonder what its REALLY like for single guys out on the dating scene?

Well wonder no more – the new series, DC Tales is on the way!!! The hilarious new series about dating told totally from the male’s point of view is finally here!  The series will feature reenactments of those challenging and most awkward moments taken from REAL life dates in the DMV gone horrible wrong. For so long ladies have asked why do men do this and why do men do that, well now see it for yourself. Go inside a man’s head, and maybe learn why some of your own dating experiences have turned out the way they have.

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What do you get when you mix Hill Harper with Chris Rock? No idea? Well, men neither but here is the first inaugural episode of Note 2 Self. ENJOY!!!

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It’s only right that the nation’s first African-American male President speaks at the nation’s only college for African-American men, right?


“So to bind each son the other into ties more brotherly.” — ‘Dear Old Morehouse’

Shonda Rhimes couldn’t have written a better story than this…after 40 some years in the making, it will finally come to light–the “Dream” comes home to the Dreamer’s workshop.

If King, the world renowned “Dreamer”, was a student of Morehouse, then its only fitting that the living embodiment of that dream, President Obama, honor the man and the institution where he was groomed for such service, right?  

Well, this spring it will happen.  On May 19, President Obama will descend upon the Peach State to give the commencement speech at my alma mater, the one and only Morehouse College.  I can’t tell you how excited I am as an African-American for this historic moment, for Morehouse, for Atlanta, and for Black people at-large. 

The year I graduated, entertainer Bill Cosby was the commencement speaker, and even though I slept through half of the man’s speech due to about 30 minutes of sleep the night before, I was still pretty hype about it.  But having President Obama at Morehouse in front of hundreds of young black faces, all with a certain Morehouse ‘audacity’ of their own, will instantly be an image for the history books.  

Hopefully, in a day when many still question the capabilities of black men as leaders and thinkers, this moment will draw a sharp contrast and once again make the point that regardless of the media narrative about who we are, have been, and will be as black men, our story is undoubtedly and unquestionably one of faith, hope, strength, success and unyielding pride.

AUC STAND UP!!! See you in May ATL!!!

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Image If this image does not deserve a place on the front of the Wheaties box, then I simply don’t know what does.

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